Domain name: $40/year

The domain name is a URL link (www.) that will direct customers to your website. Usually your domain name comes with your hosting provider.

Accommodation space: $300

Your website must be hosted by a hosting provider If you already have your hosting provider, you save this fee.

Website template: $40 - $300

Varies according to complexity.

Basic programming: $2,500

Varies according to complexity. whether it’s a showcase website, a transactional site, or an online learning system, we’re up for the challenge! We will develop, in collaboration with you, a single platform that will meet your needs, based on your budget and your deadlines, in order to bring you concrete results that will improve your web performance.

Website maintenance: $90

Prepare the interview to write the contents of a website.

Hourly rate

  • 22,50 $ / 15min.
  • 90 $ / hour

Gestion de base des médias sociaux: 90 $

Managing social media is not something to be taken lightly: How do you get your audience’s attention when your newsfeed is saturated with GIFs of adorable kittens, inspirational influencers and photos of good food?

A social media strategy allows you to answer this question and much more so that your SME can stand out and experience the success it deserves on the web.

Hourly rate

  • 22,50 $ / 15min.
  • 90 $ / hour